Follower Bombing On Instagram!!!

#Post By Thor

So I woke up on this beautiful rest day and checked our instagram. It’s a bad habit I have. And I gotta admit I was effing surprised! I get a notification saying that we got 28 likes 30 or something comments and finally but not least, 50 extra followers! The followers kept coming throughout the morning. It was raining with followers!


We want to thank you guys for the support. It’s amazing to know that we share something that you guys like! We really hope that you can use it and that we inspire you to work hard for your dreams!


Here’s a little video from yesterdays WOD

6 rounds of:

5 DL @ 120kg 265#
10 CTB

We did this as a partner wod/interval wod. That will say, first I did a round full speed then Mike did a round full speed and so on. This was great, because it allowed us to really push it to the limit each and every round! Enjoy

14 more days

#post by Mike

Thor is gonna stay in Denmark for a couple of weeks more. YES! That means we can continue our training together in the same way that we’ve done for the past 3 weeks, which in broad terms looks like this:

- Alternate between Snatch one day and C&J the other day.
- Incorporate some kind of complex when working on snatch or C&J.
- Lots of snatch and clean pulls from the floor or hang.
- Squat 3 times a week (Normally back squat twice a week and front squat once).
- Come up with a partner-WOD at the end of the training session.
- Wrap it all up with some stretching and mobility work.

In the near future we would like to do some more gymnastics not for time – simply to get better at technique, efficiency and thus intensifying the workload a bit with exercises like: Muscle ups, pull ups, HSPU, DU’s, toes to bar, etc.

Not to forget, we both PR’d in our Snatch yesterday! Thor with 95kg and I with 93kg. Check out the video on our Facebook page. We both blew the roof off!

So you want to stay fit?

So you want to be stay fit? 

So do you want to be fit? Or do you want to stay fit? Fit for a longer period than the usual 30 days it normally takes before turning back to the old lifestyle. Then stop watching more YouTube videos telling you how to get a six-pack in just two weeks. Stop mirroring yourself in articles where women magically looses 18 kg in 3 week just by changing one simple thing in their diet without any exercise. If you want to be fit and stay fit, you have to live and act like you already are fit! We’ve all been brainwashed to think there’s a shortcut to health. Miraculous and “scientifically proved” diets and supplements are just one of many convictions firms use to earn money and creating fake hopes. The truth is; there is no shortcut to being fit and staying healthy. It’s all about finding your own legit reason for making changes, and then stay consistent. This will eventually turn your new changes into habits. The sooner you realize that, the sooner your journey towards a healthier lifestyle can begin. The first step on the way is to act like a person who is already fit without cutting corners. How do I do that, you ask? Well, start by looking at you current lifestyle and figure out what to change and what not to change. Take a closer look at your daily routines, and select 2-3 simple things that you would like to change. By doing this, you don’t get overwhelmed by too many new initiatives and thus ending up losing your motivation.

You don’t have to be an expert on nutrition and health to know the main do’s and don’ts. Nor this is not the part where people fail to stay fit either. The main issue is to maintain the same motivation as you started with. To constantly stay hungry. After all, people who start on a healthy lifestyle all have their own reason to do so. But why is it so easy to forget that reason despite the otherwise strong feeling of determination you have when you start? This has something to do with the attractiveness of your goal. Whether it’s loosing weight, getting stronger, proving something for yourself or just feeling better about yourself, you have to convince yourself about a legit reason for why making changes in your life is worth it. Moreover, you have to convince your subconsciousness. Meaning that your reason has to be something you need and not want – which sometimes can be quite tricky to find. However, you should still accept some of the relapses you may encounter on your way, which is inevitable and expected. The road to success is always a bumpy one. When you’ve identified a reason and attached a goal to it, it’s the start signal for making new initiatives in your life and thus creating habits concerning your goal.

Let’s take a look at some of the main initiatives to apply when a healthy lifestyle is the objective:

1) Food. How much you should eat depends on your level of activity. However, you should strive for eating till your engine is full and not more. Too many people continue eating after they’ve already satisfied their body’s needs. If you eat more energy than you use, you will become fat not fit. Drink a glass of water before every meal to alleviate the hunger. However, during a diet allow yourself to have some cheat days.

2) Water. Drink water when thirsty. If necessary then spice it up with some lime/lemon or buy some sparkling water or Blue Keld for a change.

3) Sleep. Not only does your body recover during sleep but your brain does as well. The amount of sleep varies from person to person. 8 hours of sleep, however, will most likely give you the extra energy to comply with your new initiatives.

4) Exercise. Don’t just stick to one kind of exercise. Use your fitness in every possible aspect: running, jumping, swimming, throwing, lifting etc. After all, this is what our body is meant to do. If you have an injury or a liability you work around it and train something that doesn’t affect the area. There’s always a way to use your fitness.

So, incorporate some of these simple guidelines as partial goals for a healthier lifestyle and start making some of these changes into habits. Announce your new goals to your friends and family and thus strengthen your own commitment, or even better find a friend who will join you on your journey. And one last thing: don’t wait until the end of the month or postpone it for your next New Year’s resolution. Start now. Start today.

We are what we REPEATEDLY do. Lifelong health, therefore, is not an act but a HABIT.

- The Crossfit Journey

On the same ground

#post by Mike

Finally, Thor and I are both back on the same ground again. Despite the dark and cold weather here in Denmark, it’s somehow nice to be back in familiar surroundings again. We have a month where we can train together before Thor is heading back to New York. So let’s make the days count!

Here’s some of the things we’ve done the past couple of days:

Thrusters 40 kg
Row for calories

10min AMRAP
7 hang power snatch 40 kg
7 C2B
7 Thrusters 40 kg
7 Burpees
- rest 2min -

We got 5 rounds on the first AMRAP and 4 rounds on the second AMRAP.

Today it’s time for some running on the track and probably some more burpees and weightlifting.

I’m on a boat, bitch

#post by Mike

Finally my parents came to visit me in Singapore. I arrived a day later than them because of my trip to ABC Base Camp in Nepal, which was one hell of experience! We walked around 8 hours a day and climbed to an altitude of 4100 meter. That’s what I call using your fitness..

Right now I’m in Vietnam with my family. Despite spending most of my days at small hotel rooms or even on a boat I still manage to get some sort of work done.

The other day my brother and I did 100 burpees for time together with some dips, HSPU and sit ups.

Yesterday we had some more fun in our small-ass galley on the boat:

5 rounds not for time:
50 air squats
8 strict HSPU

5×20 push ups

3×1.5min plank
2x1min plank

Notwithstanding the VERY limited space we had to workout in, it still doesn’t beat my HSPU-workout at a toilet at Dubai airport last year.

Can’t wait to get home and crush some heavy barbells with my partner in crime so we can get Swolbraham Lincolned!