Staying fit on vacation

#post by Mike

I’m doing a lot of traveling this summer – I started out with two weeks on Mallorca, then one week in Barcelona and in a couple of days I’m going to Iceland for 10 days to train a LOT of weightlifting. And after that New York with Thor for at least 3 months. Can’t wait! As much as I love to travel, it does challenge your normal training routine which makes it hard for me to stay relaxed seeing that I feel guilty if I don’t train as much as I’m used to.
On Mallorca we only managed to train every other day which stressed me out a bit. In Barcelona my brother and I trained every day which strangely enough meant that I could relax much more mentally. On Iceland we’re probably going to train every day, mostly weightlifting though. And New York is going to be one hell of a training camp towards CrossFit Open 2015.

Here’s some of the workouts and numbers I’ve been hitting the last 3 weeks:
- Note that I’ve recently stopped using a belt when lifting which had me dropping a lot of kilos in my squat and clean. However I’m finally beginning to hit some big numbers without that freaking belt.

2 rounds:
100 DU’s
10 Front squats 80 kg
20 C2B
- rest 4min between rounds -
Time: 1.57 and 1.59

10 rounds (Go every 4min):
400M run
10 burpees 

2RM Front squat 130kg
1RM Back squat 150kg
5 sets of 3x140kg Back squat

Power clean+2 jerks 110kg

15RM Thrusters 60kg

C&J 126kg

The CrossFit Journey to New York!

#post by Mike

Time has come. Thor and I are both leaving for New York in August. For how long, we don’t know – time will tell. Finally, we have the opportunity to train and live together with the main goal of qualifying for Regionals 2015. Progress is being made and things are looking good. Here’s some of the more fun stuff I’ve been doing lately:

AMRAP 12min:
50 Cal row
40 Pistols
30 T2B
20 Ring dips
10M Handstand walk
Score: 1 round + 8 T2B

3 rounds (2×45 sec on/off): 
Wall balls
Box jumps
Push press 40kg
- 3min rest between rounds -

3 rounds:
1K row
20 Strict HSPU
10 Muscle ups
Time: 26.31

Strength numbers are going up as well:

Snatch: 101 kg
Power snatch: 92 kg
3RM Power snatch (TnG): 80 kg
C&J: 120 kg
2RM C&J: 110 kg
1RM Jerk: 125 kg
Power clean + Jerk: 115 kg

The Winner’s Test

#post by Mike

So I think it’s pretty safe to say that our will and determination are being tested at the moment. Our plans for the future, or more specific this summer, is to pack our bags and leave Denmark for… A long time. Ultimately to purchase our dream of a Rich Froning-lifestyle and hopefully qualify for Regionals 2015 wherever that may be. However, we are constantly faced with challenges which prevents us from planning our trip to our La La Land. Despite the somewhat blurred light at the end of the tunnel at the moment, there’s no doubt in my mind that we will force our way through this untamed sea of uncertainty and eventually come out on top.

In the meantime we are both hitting the Gym hard 5 times a week! Preparation for Open 2015 began several weeks ago. Here are some of the MetCons that I’ve been using to grow some hair on my so called chest:

AMRAP 10: 
1 Thruster 60kg + 1 MU
2 Thrusters + 2 MU’s… etc.
Score: 8 Thrusters 

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Pull ups
Box jumps
Wall balls
Time: 10.28

3 Power snatch 70 kg
10 Pistols
10 Toes to bar
Score: 10 rounds 

Follower Bombing On Instagram!!!

#Post By Thor

So I woke up on this beautiful rest day and checked our instagram. It’s a bad habit I have. And I gotta admit I was effing surprised! I get a notification saying that we got 28 likes 30 or something comments and finally but not least, 50 extra followers! The followers kept coming throughout the morning. It was raining with followers!


We want to thank you guys for the support. It’s amazing to know that we share something that you guys like! We really hope that you can use it and that we inspire you to work hard for your dreams!


Here’s a little video from yesterdays WOD

6 rounds of:

5 DL @ 120kg 265#
10 CTB

We did this as a partner wod/interval wod. That will say, first I did a round full speed then Mike did a round full speed and so on. This was great, because it allowed us to really push it to the limit each and every round! Enjoy

14 more days

#post by Mike

Thor is gonna stay in Denmark for a couple of weeks more. YES! That means we can continue our training together in the same way that we’ve done for the past 3 weeks, which in broad terms looks like this:

- Alternate between Snatch one day and C&J the other day.
- Incorporate some kind of complex when working on snatch or C&J.
- Lots of snatch and clean pulls from the floor or hang.
- Squat 3 times a week (Normally back squat twice a week and front squat once).
- Come up with a partner-WOD at the end of the training session.
- Wrap it all up with some stretching and mobility work.

In the near future we would like to do some more gymnastics not for time – simply to get better at technique, efficiency and thus intensifying the workload a bit with exercises like: Muscle ups, pull ups, HSPU, DU’s, toes to bar, etc.

Not to forget, we both PR’d in our Snatch yesterday! Thor with 95kg and I with 93kg. Check out the video on our Facebook page. We both blew the roof off!